Data-driven decision making to advance cancer care.

We give
physicians power

Our Story

We were started by physicians and maintain a focus on empowering physicians and their teams with the tools and insights to make decisions and take action. Our purpose is to help ensure that oncology providers can deliver the highest quality clinical care in a sustainable way.

We came from a practice facing real-world challenges of driving high quality clinical outcomes while navigating rising costs and declining reimbursement. Our investment in technology came out of our physicians’ belief that we needed a paradigm shift—one that starts with transparency and insights at the point where decisions are made.

We believe that physicians’ decision-making power is being diminished by payer requirements and by powerful market forces. We give physicians power to make decisions through better data.

We understand robust oncology data and the power that it holds. We use specialized technology to bring disparate data sets together to harness that power. We have deep expertise in big data infrastructure, processes, and platforms.

We build user-focused tools that put the right data in the right hands at the right time.