Our Solutions Empower Physicians and Their Practices

Serve up insights to support clinical decision making

Identify specific operational improvement opportunities

Drive interventions when financial or operational risk factors exist



Create the data and process flows to feed accurate, cleansed, and timely data to the platform



Harness the power of your data by organizing and connecting disparate data sources to enable quick and precise decisions



Identify trends and insights that require action by leveraging big data technology and our expert analysts



Put the right information in the right hands to make decisions when and where they need to be made



Identify, plan, and implement clinical, operational, and administrative process improvements

Our Solutions

  • Fee Schedule Management

  • Regimen Decision Support

  • Pharmaceutical Utilization Insights

  • Revenue Cycle Optimization

  • Practice Health & Growth Insights

  • Workforce Optimization

Fee Schedule Management

Know with confidence your reimbursement—for any treatment and any payer—and be able to forecast your revenue and margin with confidence.

We navigate the complex and ever-changing world of fee schedules for you. We actively manage and audit all of your fee schedules to ensure that you have a current and precise view for every transaction.

Regimen Decision Support

Understand the financial context of patient treatment options to help inform clinical decisions by factoring in cost and reimbursement.

We give physicians transparency around clinical options and corresponding financial implications—to the patient, the practice, and the broader healthcare system—for each specific patient. Physicians use this context to make the right clinical decision while also understanding the financial impact.

Pharmaceutical Utilization Insights

Identify optimal and non-sustainable drug utilization patterns to help inform practice treatment pathways as well as drive negotiations with drug manufacturers and payers.

We give practice management insights around variability in drug costs, utilization, and payer-specific reimbursements. We inform pharmacoeconomics decisions by analyzing physician prescribing patterns, identifying opportunities for cost savings, and flagging drug-payer combinations that create a loss for the practice.

Revenue Cycle Optimization

Bring accountability to your payer relationships and capture revenue that you are missing today.

We give practices the ability to clearly anticipate and ensure correct reimbursement for the medical care they deliver. We flag for attention any discrepancies between expected and actual payments as well as high-risk scenarios—any variance that requires human intervention. This includes alerts to physicians and alerts to the revenue cycle team depending on the intervention needed. Our technology enables you to capture payment that you are missing today and allows you to predict and forecast revenue and cash flows, while creating quality and efficiency gains within your revenue cycle team.

Practice Health & Growth Insights

Drive greater market share through a growth strategy that is informed by market opportunity and risk mitigation insights.

We uncover strengths and weaknesses buried in your practice’s data—from referral patterns to patient trends—and give you context on performance trends and benchmarking against your peers. We combine these insights with market data to help develop outreach, referral, marketing, and expansions strategies that will improve market image and grow market share.

Workforce Optimization

Maximize the impact of your workforce by using a data-driven approach to balancing workloads, scheduling, and performance management.

We simplify how you manage workloads and measure results through a detailed methodology that accounts for the specific acuity of each patient. We help you incorporate this approach into your staffing, scheduling, performance evaluation, and performance management processes. We help remove the subjectivity from workload discussions so you can allocate your teams effectively and set them up for success.